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Doug Tooley

Synergy Didn't Recover after deleting Temp Dir

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I was doing some housecleaning on Windows 7 64 bit, and I ended up cleaning my TEMP directory. I usually leave the last month's worth of stuff in there, but today I deleted "until yesterday". Shortly after that I realized that Synergy was no longer working. Nothing did would bring it back. I tried stopping and restarting the service, but it said I didn't have permission to start it. I ended up rebooting and it STILL didn't come up on its own. I got log text SIMILAR to the following: (which I didn't copy from mine, but found similar text in another post) [code]synergys.exe: no configuration available [2015-11-01T12:59:12] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped [2015-11-01T12:59:12] INFO: backing off, wait=10s, failures=123[/code] At this point I observed that my configuration seemed intact. I tried clicking on "Start" and it worked! And everything returned to normal. So, summary: Deleting my Windows 7 TEMP dir on my Synergy Server (assuming this was the cause!) resulted in Synergy losing connectivity to clients. Rebooting didn't complete fix it. But manually clicking "Start" after rebooting did fix it. My suggestion to Synergy: Detect the condition and restart appropriately. Label it: "handle condition of user being a dumbass and deleting the temp directory".

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