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Can't connect when SSL enabled - Tips?

Eric C. Miller

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Eric C. Miller
Long time user of Synergy. Had been using it on these two machines when one was Windows 7 Pro and the other was Ubuntu 14.04. Yesterday I upgraded the Windows box to Windows 10. When it restarted I noticed Synergy wasn't working (it was not listed as one of the incompatible apps that was removed). I went on-line and I saw there was commercial support AND a Pro version with encryption. I was always concerned about encryption and too lazy to set it up before so I forked out the $29. I now have the new version loaded (1.75) on the Windows 10 box which is the server (Keyboard and Mouse) and the Ubuntu 14.04 box which is the client. I have run "Configure Server" and have both computers (monitors) showing on the "Layout" screen and the details (machine names) are correct. With SSL disabled I can connect and it seems to work as expected. I am not able to connect when SSL is enabled. Are there any specific tips for debugging the SSL connection? Thanks! Eric
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