Synergy 2 is a Beta


If you're having issues with Synergy 2 Beta, we recommend you use Synergy 1.

We've been listening really carefully to customer feedback over the past months since Synergy 2 was released. We recently made the decision to redeclare Synergy 2 as a beta product instead of being a stable product. You can read the announcement on our blog.

If you're having problems with Synergy 2 Beta, we highly recommend you switch to Synergy 1 (the stable version). You'll need to uninstall Synergy 2 Beta first before installing Synergy 1 (download). While we are still working on improving Synergy 2 Beta, the safest option is to use the stable version until we can fix the major bugs. All users have access to Synergy 1.

If you need help with Synergy 1 check out the troubleshooting guides, and if that doesn't help you could open a support ticket.

We truly appreciate our users testing Synergy 2 Beta, and we'll be working hard to release the first stable version.