Release Notes for Synergy

This page lists all the release notes for Synergy 1 and Synergy 2.

If you need the latest version, download. To see what features we're working on, check out the roadmap. If you're seeing a bug that isn't mentioned in the release notes then please contact customer support. There's also a list of known bugs that we're aware of.

More technical users can check out the GitHub releases page for Synergy Core (does not detail fixes to Synergy 2 proprietary components).

Synergy 1


Bug fixes:

  • #6347 Log to file defaults to unwritable location
  • #6345 Losing GUI config when restarting the OS
  • #4991 Oversized Bonjour protocol name could conflict


  • #6348 Use different hard coded Qt path for CI
  • #6346 CLI argument to control screen lock feature
  • #6344 Customizable size limit on clipboard sharing
  • #6332 Decouple version from CI build properties
  • #6319 Bonjour auto-config disabled by default
  • #6318 Hide TIS/TSM error on config app log
  • #6312 Removal of redundant CURL library
  • #6306 Show version number in config app title
  • #6305 Support for Raspbian in package config
  • #6301 Combine enterprise and community codebase

Synergy 2 Beta


Note: Redeclared stability as beta.


  • #594 Removal of redundant CURL library
  • #581 Hostname resolution for proxy feature
  • #570 GDPR warning on log upload
  • #432 Profile ID in log file header section
  • #431 IP address list in log file header section


  • #336 Support for macOS 10.10 Yosemite


  • Dedicated build for Debian 9
  • Changes to the log files to make bug diagnosis more effective
  • Fixed bug where dependency on cURL prevented installation on Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fixed bug where config was not updating after sleep/resume
  • Fixed bug where auto-switch to server mode didn’t work after disconnecting a Windows client


  • Added HTTP proxy support for Windows - other operating systems to follow
  • Updates to screen status accuracy
  • Fixed issue where multiple screens were showing on machine name change


  • Added Raspberry Pi support
  • Fixed issue with reconnection after sleep
  • Fixed issue where redundant connections were being created between machines
  • Resolved issue with Windows installer getting stuck at validation step (fixed for 2.0.8+)


  • Improved handling of changing IP addresses
  • Fixed a bug where Linux server takes control of client input


  • Introduced a new tray icon with a function to enable and disable
  • Fixed a bug where a computer shows as offline on the config screen
  • Solved issue where app doesn't work at all on some Linux installs
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor movement drifts over time on Mac


  • Fixed bug on Mac where background service crashes on the first run
  • Made the Linux and Mac uninstaller remove settings and config files
  • Fixed bug where the combined log file can become corrupt
  • Improved reliability of background service on all platforms
  • Preparation work for upcoming enhancement due in the next version


  • Remove computer from config (provides a workaround for many issues)
  • Screen status is now working much better (we're still working on making it perfect)
  • Fixed bug where the auto-config error was always showing first on install
  • Fixed a timing issue in the reconnect code to make it more responsive
  • Some prep work for the connection troubleshoot tooltips (coming soon)


  • Fixed bug where the core wasn't shutting down gracefully on Windows
  • Fixed local input detection on Mac to make auto-switch more reliable
  • Fixed bug where the config app won't open on Mac if the core is running
  • Started moving the server claim message into the local network layer
  • Added a header section to the log upload which prints the OS, version, etc


  • Added white dot to indicate which computer is currently sharing
  • Fixed macOS bug which prevented the core process from starting
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-config service won't authenticate
  • Fixed various local network connection issues


  • Improved log uploader to send combined log for service, core, and config app 
  • Switched the auto-config database to a more scalable and reliable system
  • Introduced multi-threading for better performance on the auto-config service
  • Added health monitoring for the auto-config service to improve uptime 


  • Added support and installer for 32-bit Windows users
  • Allow user to manually share from with right click
  • Fixed background service crash when network goes offline
  • Fixed bug where login screen not showing when logged out
  • Fixed local network crash that happens while handling a corrupt clipboard
  • Improved reconnection for the auto-config service
  • Improved core auto switch time from 15 seconds to 5 seconds


  • Introduced a brand new config app which anyone can use
  • New network layer to enable sharing from any computer
  • Runs in the background on all operating systems
  • New certificate based SSL encryption which is more reliable